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Jintropin Hygetropin ,Kigtropin

Jintropin Hygetropin ,Kigtropin

Jintropin Hygetropin ,Kigtropin

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1, HGH can make every organ of the body was updated again.
Including the brain, heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney and other organs with age these organs are declining.The HGH can make every organ, grow again.
2, strengthen the body immunity, reduce disease risk.Thymus is the most important immune organs make the immune system, the function of thymus is to produce and promote the maturity of the T lymphocyte.And T cells are the body against disease is the most important weapon.At the age of 12 human thymus began to shrink, and 40 has shrunk to only one size of a swathe of dry, to the age of 60 completely disappear.HGH can make the atrophy of thymus hyperplasia to restore to its original size, to make the body produce more of the T cells, more of the body resistance, red blood cells, white blood cells and natural killer cells, to resist disease and various kinds of cancer
3, strengthen and restore memory, improve sleep quality, eliminate exhausted feel, let a person energetic.Memory to maintain normal signaling between cells, the flexometallic choline is mediated signaling between cells is an important neurotransmitter.HGH can increase brain cells flexometallic choline, promote brain blood vessels, stimulate brain cells to divide, growth, repair and regeneration, enhances memory;HGH also can promote spirit, stable mood, make the mood better;HGH promote the pineal gland to secrete the pineal gland, for insomnia has very good therapeutic effect.






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